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Download our app to request a designated driver on-demand


Let our professional drivers drive you and your car home safely


Say goodbye to expensive taxi fares and the hassle of retrieving your vehicle when it’s left behind

Why use Twyns?



Have your car ready when you need it the most. Save time and money



Don’t risk getting a DUI or getting into an accident

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

NO surge, same price always. Don’t overpay to get home at night and to retrieve your car the next day

No surge! Same pricing

No surge! Same pricing always.

Get you and your car home for as little as $25* Know exactly how much you’ll spend

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About Us

Who We Are

Twyns provides designated driver services on-demand in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Glendale. We use the most up to date technology, such as our unique mobile app to provide you with the easiest and most convenient way to request our services. Use our mobile app to pay with your credit card and keep track of your driver and all charges.

What We Do

We drive you and your car home. Let our professional designated drivers take you home in the comfort of your own car. Have the peace of mind of having your car with you when you need it the most. Our hiring process is rigorous and only the best drivers will transport you.

Why We Do It

Twyns is committed in keeping our communities safe from drunk drivers and our clients safe from accidents and DUIs. Many people who have driven while under the influence admitted doing so not because they could not get a taxi, but rather because of the hassle of leaving their car behind. Sit back, relax and we will drive you and your car!

What motivates us

Teamwork. Because teamwork is always better! Just like twin brothers hanging out together, our Twyns drivers are always teamed up ready to serve you. Have peace of mind knowing and all of your rides are secured with our $1M insurance policy and a 24hr support line.

How It Works

What makes us different than taxis and ride-hailing services? We drive your car for you. Never leave your car behind!

Step 1

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Request your pick-up location (a team of two drivers will be dispatched in one car)

Step 2

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Upon arrival, one driver will drive you in the comfort of your own car

Step 3

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The other Twyns driver will follow behind to retrieve your chauffeur from your drop off location


Request a driver, not a ride!

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Your own designated driver in minutes! For as little as $25 get you and your car home safely (Mileage fee applies).

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Use the service often? Choose a membership that fits your lifestyle and save money.

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Drivers by the hour

Twyns offers drivers by the hour. Ideal for personal occasions and special events.

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Designated Driver Stations

Get a designated driver from one of our Twyns’ booths at participating venues.

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Our Address

  •  3260 N Hayden Rd Scottsdale,

            AZ 85251
  •   623-800-5202
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